Allright, who put the handles on the cannon balls, and why?!?

Here’s why, watch this!

It’s not a cannon ball, it’s a kettlebell!

So just what exactly is a kettlebell? It is a really quite a basic piece of training hardware, looking much like a cast iron ball with a handle attached. They were developed in Russia centuries ago and used widely by the Soviet armed forces for their physical fitness training programs. Now recently they have seen a revival in popularity as more people appreciate the tremendous advantages they have over and above other kinds of fitness training.

This advantage lies in the combination of multiple fitness benefits provided by working out with these kettlebells.  Benefits such as:

  • increased endurance and stamina
  • better core strength and stability
  • more strength and controlled power
  • improved balance, coordination, and flexibility

A further advantage is that the kettlebell movements by their very nature bring about a total body exercise routine. They work multiple muscles all at once, and may be repeated continually for several minutes.

Here are some basic benefits.

Quick Effects. Kettlebell exercises are so effective in burning calories, building muscle, and toning the body that you’ll quite possibly see payoffs in as little as four 30-minute workouts.

Efficient. You get strength training, a cardio workout, and flexibility training – all in the very same workout.

Economical. You are able to swing a kettlebell practically anywhere. In your bedroom, in the living room, in the garage. You’ll never need to shell out money for another expensive gym membership.

Easy. Everyone can take advantage of a kettlebell. No matter if you’re a man or woman, an athlete or TV viewing lazy-bones, slender or overweight. And anybody can benefit and increase their fitness levels by making use of  kettlebells.

green kettlebell

Of course, some kettlebells are styled up a bit with colored vinyl coatings, but they’re all still basically a heavy piece of iron with a handle attached. 

Which may lead one to ask about what is so special about these kettlebells.  Well, its not the bell itself, it is what you do with it that makes it so effective.  The movements and the motions of the exercises with the bells are what make them so unique and effective.


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