Kettlebells vs Dumbbells

You may wonder, isn't a kettlebell much like a dumbbell? In some respects they're similar, however, what makes the kettlebell different is how it's constructed. It could look like an ordinary weight, however the u-shaped handle transforms very much how the weight works with your body.

With a dumbbell, the center of mass lies in the your hand, however with the kettlebell, the center of mass lies outside of your hand, meanings it can alter depending upon exactly how you're holding it and moving it. The momentum of numerous kettlebell movements develops centrifugal force, concentrating more focus on the muscles used for deceleration and stabilization. This kind of multi-directional motion simulates real life activities

Dumbbells are good for developing muscle and power with slow-moving, controlled movements, while kettlebell training requires the whole body and focuses on stamina, power, and dynamic movements.


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