Kettlebell Exercises

Kettlebell exercises for strength and conditioning has been around since the 1700s in Russia, where it originated. But in the United States, kettlebells weren’t well-known until 1998, when Pavel Tsatsouline popularized them in America.kettlebell

Many elite athletes incorporate kettlebells into their workouts and training programs. Here are some of the advantages of working with kettlebells:

Kettlebell exercises are 3-dimensional.

3-D training utilizes total body movements rather than the typical isolation movements found in many conventional fitness programs. These movements emphasize side-to-side and rotational movements with a kettlebell, working multiple muscle groups simultaneously for a highly productive workout in half the time.

Kettlebell training cuts down on your workout time.

You can get an very effective total-body workout in as little as 20 minutes when you exercise with kettlebells. The combination of the movements and the shifting of your center of gravity with a kettlebell simultaneously increases your cardio fitness and muscular strength. The Kettlebell Swing, the mother of all kettlebell exercises, is one of the few weight-bearing exercises proven to increase an athlete’s VO2 max.

kbKettlebell exercises are portable.

The versatility of kettlebells and the ease of transporting them permits you to exercise just about anywhere.

Kettlebell training builds a strong core and back.

A strong core boosts both flexibility and power. It likewise builds a healthy back and lessens the threat risk of injury.

Kettlebell training builds ‘functional fitness’.

When athletes perform during practice or in competition, their bodies move in multiple fluid movements at the same time. The kettlebell’s resistance, and your capacity to move it in various directions while training, help increase the strength and range of motion in muscles that would not otherwise be engaged with traditional strength-training exercises.

This video will take you through a kettlebell routine with 3 fundamental exercises; standard kettlebell swings, alternating kettlebell swings, and kettlebell walking lunges. The features of the kettlebell offers a balance component to these exercises, enlisting all the muscles to work at the same time to exert muscular force whilst keeping postural balance (core strength).


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