Kettlebell Ab Exercises

There are only so many crunches you can perform before you get bored, start detesting them, and then stop doing them. The only way to keep your abdominal results coming is to change-up your workout program regularly, both in regards to the movements and the way you're challenging your abs.

Kettlebells are undeniably great for ab exercises because many actions incorporate motion along with strength and endurance, therefore kettlebell workouts can work your core muscles in a new way – offering you quicker, faster results.

Try out these workouts below with a light kettlebell initially, just to get the form correct, and afterwards increase your weight so you're fatigued within 15 – 18 reps for flatter abs, or 10 – 12 if you're trying to build ab muscle and improve definition. Give your core muscles a day of rest in between workout sessions.

Two-Handed Situps

Another Variation

One-Handed Situp

Ab Extensions – More Advanced

V-ups – More Advanced


Kettlebell Deadlift►