The Kettlebell Clean and Press

The kettlebell clean and press combines 2 separate kettlebell movements – the kettlebell clean and the overhead press.  Combining these 2 exercises into one fluid movement will work most of the upper body muscle groups, and if performed for a bit of time will place demands on your cardiovascular system.

The clean should be practiced separately, and the press should be practiced separately until the proper form is perfected.  Then once mastered, as one complete movement.

Once the kettlebell has been cleaned to the ‘rack’ position then there should be just a momentary pause before continuing on and pressing the bell overhead. Not pausing between the 2 movements can result in incorrect breathing patterns and a lack of focus during the press part of the routine.


The kettlebell clean and press can also be performed with 2 kettlebells just to keep things from getting too easy.


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