Kettlebells For Women

The kettlebell can be an especially transformative training resource for women.

Reduced Body Fat.kettlebell-womens-training

Women tend to be interested in eliminating body fat and inches around the waist. Kettlebell training burns fat and develops lean muscle through high-intensity workouts. Studies have shown that it is feasible to burn up to 20 calories per minute while exercising with a kettlebell.

"I don't want to get bulky".

Ladies go for strength and fitness gains, yet are afraid of looking like a body builder. Kettlebells promote the development of lean muscle without having the bulky appearance. Additionally, to fend off osteoporosis, it is important that women take up strength training. Load bearing workouts, like kettlebell training, helps to keep bones healthy.

Much better Results, Less Time and Equipment.

Juggling work, kids, and day-to-day tasks leave women with little spare time for a trip to the health club. By training several muscle groups concurrently, kettlebell training furnishes more substantial benefits than traditional strength training programs in a fraction of the time. What is more, is the fact that these outcomes may be obtained with only one piece of equipment in a spare room or basement, at home.

leanFunctional Fitness.

Kettlebells force the body to work as one unit. This sort of workout emulates the demands we put on our bodies through everyday activities. Unlike typical strength training circuits and stationary workout devices, the asymmetrical construction of the kettlebell involves core engagement throughout every repetition. Training the entire body as one energy system reveals weak links, while improving functionality.

Healthy Joints.

Because kettlebell workouts are low impact, there is little stress on the joints. Increases in range of motion, improved balance, muscular recruitment, and flexibility around joints have indeed been reported by individuals taking part in kettlebell training.

Kettlebell training promotes the growth of lean muscle and strength while accelerating the metabolic process. For women hoping to get lean while torching away persistent body fat, kettlebell training is the perfect workout solution.


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