A Couple of Kettlebell Exercises for Beginners

There are many workouts that the kettlebell beginner can make use of that will help improve strength and endurance while assisting with weight loss. Odds are you have probably seen a kettlebell in lots of various fitness publications, have seen them at the store, or actually have a kettlebell, but still do not know the best ways to use the kettlebell effectively in any exercise routines.

Well, great news, given that kettlebell workouts are actually quite good for ‘at home workouts’ for several reasons: they come in very manageable sizes,  can frequently be made use of in place of dumbbells, can be used with a wide variety of exercises,  and best of all the kettlebell will essentially offer you a much better workout.

Here are a couple of beginner kettlebell routines you could check out to get you used to your kettlebell and help you to start working towards your fitness goals.

The windmill movement is made to deal with the fat on your abs.

To accomplish this kettlebell exercise you will need a tall open space as your arm is going to completely stretch above your head. Standing upright slowly raise your arm, carrying a kettlebell in your hand, and follow the natural swing a windmill would. As you raise the kettlebell your other free arm should be down but as you slowly bring the kettlebell carrying arm down you need to push your butt out keeping your back straight. Repeat this exercise eight times then place the kettlebell in your other hand and repeat once again simulating the actions from your other side.

A front squat using a kettlebell is an excellent way to tone and develop muscles in your quads as well as calves and gluts.

To execute this movement, stand with your feet conveniently spaced apart and grip the kettlebell with both hands in between your body, with your hands clasped over the kettlebell as though you were about to do a pull-up facing towards your chest. Gradually lower the kettlebell down over the top of your arms while squatting down until you are as close to the ground as you can go without falling and the kettlebell without contacting the ground. Once you reach right here, go in the opposite direction through the motion straightening back up your body and returning the kettlebell once more at your chest level.

These are just two examples of how a kettlebell beginner can get started utilizing your kettlebell today. There are many more ways you can successfully enhance numerous parts of your physique if you are willing to get into the practice of incorporating the kettlebell into your workout routine.


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