What Size Kettlebell Should I Start With?

When it comes to what size kettlebell to beginnyour training with, there are differing opinions.  However the bottom line is proper form, proper movements, and preventing injuries.

As a very new beginner to kettlebell training it is critically important to focus on performing the movements properly, and maintaining good form, rather than being distracted by the struggle to just move the kettlebell.  This is the best way to start seeing improvements in building strength and loosing weight, or whatever your fitness goals are.

Often, beginners put a lot of stress on themselves to see great improvements. Strength with Kettlebells takes time to build, and this cannot happen without first understanding what you are doing.  

Making sure you can perform the exercise effectively before increasing the weight is really important.

Generally, women tend to play it too safe when it comes to selecting the properly sized kettlebell for themselves, where as men over-estimate their strength and ability to endure an exercise.  

The one main lesson to learn when beginning with kettlebells is that you must leave your pride at the door.  There’s no shame in being smart and playing it safe in order to prevent injuries when selecting the kettlebell size that right for you.

There are other articles and videos here that will get more focused on the actual weights you should start with.


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